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First Christian Church-Disciples of Christ

First Christian Church-Disciples of Christ
Mindy Kiepe Senior Pastor

Growing in Faith


As disciples making disciples for Jesus Christ, we invite, welcome, teach, share and call others to discipleship. At First Christian Church-Disciples of Christ) we practice six marks of discipleship:

  1. Pray daily;
  2. Worship weekly;
  3. Read the Bible regularly;
  4. Serve at and beyond First Christian Church;
  5. Be in relationship encouraging spiritual growth; and
  6. Give of time, talents and resources.


Loving God 

First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) is committed to the  priesthood of all believers. That means that every member is a minister  who serves God as he or she is gifted and called. You will see this  lived out in our services of worship from greeters who welcome you at the door to those who present the gospel to our young people at the Children’s Moment. The Elders pray and officiate each Sunday at the communion table. Communion is served the to the church family by deacons. Our praise band, bell choir, chancel choir, organist and pianist lead  the congregation songs of worship. Worship is not a performance to  watch but an experience for all to share and give glory to God.

“Blended worship” on Sunday morning moves from an informal greeting  time to contemporary songs of praise, a time for our children, a  scripture-based sermon that relates to life today, and then closes with  the tradition and reverence of Holy Communion. Each “blended” service  seeks to offer the best of each genre in meaningful worship to the glory  of God. And, you are welcome to worship with us whether you are dressed  casually, “dressed up” or somewhere in between! You won’t feel out of  place because worship is not about what you wear, rather it is a desire  to encounter and grow in Christ.

We enjoy in special celebrations in Christ, rejoicing in special milestones along life’s journey of faith. We baptize  by immersion, giving an outward sign of one’s surrender into Christ as  Lord, dying to one’s self and rising to live for Christ.  All who are  already baptized are welcome to join First Christian church without  rebaptism, whatever your mode of baptism. We also provide A Service of Dedication for Infants and Children  as a covenant for parents and the church family to nurture children in  their life of faith. Please contact the pastor if you are interested in  baptism or dedication of a child.



Sunday school begins at 9:30 am Sunday Morning -  Classes for ALL ages.

Nursery Age (Infant to Kindergarten)

The Nursery Sunday School Class begins with  attendance and offering.  A short lesson about God’s love, the care and  help he gives us as well as Bible stories are shared. Each lesson ends  with a prayer. Lessons include color time and hands on learning  activities.  Before getting up for play and wiggle time, each student is  given an opportunity to hold the Bible as we sing The B-I-B-L-E.

Helping Hearts (Early Elementary)

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The Lord’s Followers (Grades 3 through 5)

The Lord’s Followers Sunday School class  includes children in grades three through five.  They explore themes  relevant to their lives such as making good choices, giving thanks and  serving others. Their weekly lessons include Bible readings from the Old  and New Testaments, skits and role plays, art projects, games and  puzzles and discussions of God’s presence in their lives.

Peacemakers (Teens)

The mission of the Peacemakers class is to  minister to teens as they discover their spiritual gifts, seek Biblical  answers to everyday drama, and grow in their relationship with the Lord.

The Journey Class (Adult Class)

Each of us is on a journey of faith, able  to learn from the experience, wisdom and questions of the others. We  prepare for this class by reading through different books on faith or  commentaries on scripture. We discuss what was read in class and apply  what we have learned to our own journeys of faith.

50/50 Class (Adult Class)

A mix of younger and middle-aged adults,  each learning from the wisdom and insights of the others. Sometimes we  study and discuss a book on current issues, sometimes we center on  questions from one of our pastor’s sermons, often there is laughter,  always there are insights and real life applications we would have  missed had we not met.

The Couples/Melon Class (Adult Class) - We represent several generations with a mix  of single and married. Each Sunday we spend time exploring and studying  Bible lessons through the David C. Cook Adult Bible Study Series.  We enjoy the fellowship of being together and sponsor at least two  gatherings beyond Sunday school. We welcome and encourage you  to come join the fun of fellowship, sharing the joy of learning and the  making of life-long friendships.

The Pastor’s Class (Youth-Adult)

A four-week study for individuals  interested in learning more about the Christian faith and the beliefs  and practices of this church.  The four sessions are:

  • Believing: key historic beliefs of the Christian faith,
  • Becoming: commitment and growth as a follower of Christ,
  • Belonging: history and mission of the church with emphasis on the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), and
  • Beginnings: first steps toward a life-long faith journey.